Teaching knowledge, learning skills! 


These trainings are restricted to Pentest professionals and computer security students, dedicated to the job of Covert Entry.


“Planned trainings”

The most common trainings are organized and planned in advance, these planned classes are being held in Paris and Lyon. They can also be organized on demand for existing groups at a different time and place at your convenience.

Choosing a planned training ensures you a better price as an individual trainee and allows you to share with fellow technicians from other units.


“Group trainings”

More specific trainings are organized on demand for groups and can be held in Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, Berlin, or in/near your facilities.

Choosing a group training “a la carte” ensures you a perfectly fitting training built on your very specific needs, and a better price as a group. It also maximises your confidentiality as no external trainee is welcome.

“A la carte” group trainings are based on various modules to choose from, based on your own needs.


List of planned trainings:

  • Locks introduction
  • Lockpicking
  • Padlock opening
  • Impressioning
  • Advanced impressioning
  • Masterkey system circumvention
  • Pump locks
  • Car locks
  • Padlocks

Contact us for more information about the content and duration of trainings, along with the available “a la carte” modules (including for example electronic, advanced tools, patented key duplication…)